• ASL Handprint American Sign Language

    Levels 1, 2, & 3

    Tenele Bennett, CI/CT


    Welcome to American Sign Language! I am excited to start the 2018-2019 school year with you! I believe that American Sign Language is a beautiful and rich language; I look forward to sharing it with you and all of the opportunities it can open up.

    Please access the “What Did We Do Today?” slides in Google Classroom frequently as these resources are vital to your success in the class.

    American Sign Language will include Deaf history and culture, language content and vocabulary, structure and grammar, as well as communication opportunities in various language situations and settings to meet the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools.


    You may contact me at:
    (562) 799-4700 xt. 82510



    Period 1:  ASL 1
    Period 2:  Conference
    Period 3:  ASL 3
    Period 4:  ASL 2
    Period 5:  ASL 1
    Period 6:  ASL 2



    What did we do today?! ASL 1

    What did we do today?! ASL 2

    What did we do today?! ASL 3